DAC Certifications

Dual Digital Air Data System Installation Kit

Flightcell DZM

  • FAA PMA:  PQ0986SW Supplement 9
    1. P/N FCDZ337R00DIM Flight Director Signal Converter
  • FAA PMA:  PQ0986SW Supplement 10
    1. P/N FCMSCPN001 Antenna Adapter

GFD11 Cockpit Control Unit (CCU), P/N 1001-4000-(XX)

  • TSO-C5e
  • TSO-C6D

PBS-250 (-00) or PBS-400 (-01) Passenger Briefing System

GDC20 HT9100 to UNS TAWS Data Converter

GDC23 ARINC 575 to ARINC 429 Data Converter

GDC25 DADC Converter

GAC27 Barometric Converter Computer

GAC27 Barometric Converter Computer

GAC27 Display Control Unit

GDC31 Roll Steering Converter, P/N 1049-4000-03

GVC39 Video Adapter Unit System

GVC39 Video Control Panel

ADLP-1 Airborne Data Link Processor

Gen-X Dual Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) System (Class 3, Type “B”)

GDC54 ARINC Altitude Alerter Interface

GDC59 ARINC GPS to Litef AHRS Converter

Tracplus GPS Tracker Kit

  • FAA PMA:  PQ0986SW Supplement 16
    1. P/N 1096-5000-01 Iridium GPS Terminal Kit

GDC62 Radio Altimeter Interface Unit

GDC64 Tablet Aircraft Interface Unit (TAIU)

DACU Digital-to-Analog Converter Unit / DC-10-30F (KC-10A)

GDC66 Fuel Quantity Adapter Unit


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