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Laser Wire Marking


Laser Wire Marking is now offered by DAC International


Let DAC International help reduce time, expense and headaches involved with your avionics installations. DAC International, a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies for general, corporate, military, regional and commercial aircraft now offers custom UV Laser Wire Marking.


Our services can meet your exact specifications and our quality program ensures that your jobs are processed to the highest standards. We provide you with wire and cables that are marked, cut to length, and packaged and labeled to ensure easy processing once it arrives at your location. With our competitive pricing and industry leading turn times we are confident that we can help reduce time and expense for your avionics installs.


DAC International also has the capability to provide full harness build out, PMA Kits, and more. Inquire for details of all our additional services.


  1. Click the link below to download our customer laser wire marking form (Excel Spreadsheet).
  2. Follow the instructions provided to ensure that each field within the form is filled out properly.
  3. Save per the instructions provided and submit the form to DAC International Sales for processing.

Click Here to Download Form

Once we receive your form we will contact you with a quote detailing pricing and lead time for your order.



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