AUSTIN, Texas, October 25, 2017 – DAC INTERNATIONAL INC. (DAC), a subsidiary of Aero Precision Holdings LP, announced today that it has signed a distribution agreement with Latitude Technologies to promote and sell its products.

Latitude Technologies Corp. is an aerospace engineering and manufacturing company providing flight data monitoring, flight following, and satellite communications equipment and services.

Latitude avionics are TSO approved for FANS 1/A+ Data Link, Safety Services SATVOICE and provide global connectivity supporting Controller Pilot Data Link (CPDLC) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C).  These systems can help operators reduce costs, enhance flight deck communications and achieve relief for HF with certified Long Range Communication (LRCS) Satcom solutions.

“We’re really excited to be able to offer Latitude’s safety voice and FANS datalink products to our dealers and customers worldwide. We look forward to working with Latitude’s team,” said Cisco Hernandez, President of DAC International.

“The distribution agreement between Latitude and DAC International opens new opportunities for Latitude to deliver products worldwide,” commented Mark Insley, President for Latitude Technologies. “It’s very satisfying to be able to offer long range flyers with a reliable weight-saving phone system that works everywhere. Our Safety Voice solution represents a significant increase in value for owners for both new installs and com system upgrades.”

About DAC International Inc.

DAC International, a subsidiary of Aero Precision Holdings LP is a worldwide distributor of avionics, test equipment, data converters and aviation supplies. The company has an FAA approved manufacturing and development facility, holding several STC’s, PMA’s and TSO’s.  Products are compliant with DO-160, MIL-STD-810C and MIL-STD-461F, containing software that meets the objectives of DO-178B, Levels A thru E.

For more information on DAC or its products and service offerings, visit www.dacint.com.

About Latitude Technologies Corporation.

Headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Latitude Technologies Corporation is provider of flight data monitoring, flight following, and satellite data and voice communications equipment and services. Latitude’s SkyNode® products are the most versatile and economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices in the world. Latitude’s DL150 FANS 1/A+ Data Link is the first TSO’d lightweight multi-function SDU on the market. Latitude provides reliable and secure aviation data and communication options for crew safety, fleet logistics, and operations and maintenance efficiencies with the WebSentinel™ flight tracking and Latitude Flight Data Analytics™ web-based data management platforms for desktops, dispatch centers, and mobile devices. For more information about Latitude’s flight data and Satcom solutions, visit www.latitudetech.com