DAC International Adds Additional Autopilots To Its GDC31 Roll Steering Converter

DAC International, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced today it has added the additional autopilot models ARC300, ARC800, Century 2000 and KAP 140 to its current Approved Model List for Supplemental Type Certificate SA10236SC for the GDC31 Roll Steering Converter.

The GDC31 Roll Steering Converter provides autopilot coupling of the aircraft GPS unit to the aircraft autopilot’s heading error channel, calculating the correct course intercept angle and allowing the pilot to fly an entire flight plan hands-free.

“We are excited to bring to market these additional autopilots,” said Vice President and General Manager of DAC International Cisco Hernandez. “The GDC31 interfaces with S-TEC, King, Century and other autopilots and provides our customers with an affordable way to retrofit existing aircraft systems with state-of-the-art capability.”

The GDC31 Approved Model List covers approximately 700 aircraft makes and models.