ABC Completions Inc. Obtains TC STC IPAD Approval for the Global Series

May 11, 2017 – ABC Completions Inc. has obtained a TCCA STC certification to complement the existing FAA STC 3199NY for the Bombardier Global Series Aircraft. The system is certified for taxi, take off and landing as a Class II Electronic Flight Bag, complete with electrical connection to aircraft systems.

The iPad tablet is secured within a custom-designed aluminum housing that enables access to all iPad controls, including the camera. All models of iPads are supported, making future tablet updates simple. The elegant, black powder-coated housing matches and protects the iPad tablet at all times.

The articulating, fully adjustable custom-designed mount allows for a comfortable positioning of the iPad, allowing charts to be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes. The mount provides a secure, safe and dependable means of attaching the iPad offering protection in all conditions.

Two GDC64 remote units provide electrical power to the tablets for recharging the tablet battery, as an interface to the aircraft’s FMS for display of aircraft’s position and for presentation of graphical weather from an optional XM Weather Receiver. These two units provide complete dual system redundancy.