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DAC International - Serving the avionic needs of airline, military and business aviation for over 30 years.

DAC International, Inc., 6702 McNeil Drive, Austin, Texas 78729 

Phone: 512 331 5323 
Fax: 512 331 4516
E-mail: dacinfo@dacint.com

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News & Events:

 July 29, 2014
DAC International Secures PMA and STC/TC Approval on Three Software-Intensive Products
 July 10, 2014
DAC International Partners with Cathay Pacific Airways on GEN-X e-Enabling Program
 May 28, 2014
DAC Releases Second iTunes Application
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DAC International Engineering Services

DAC International, Inc. has in-house capability for avionics design, system integration design and manufacturing. This addition provides DAC with an FAA manufacturing facility, on-staff DER and an ability to design avionics systems. DAC Engineering Services has designed ...

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The ISAT-200A is the newest complement to the ISAT family. This leading-edge product provides flight following, satellite communication, data recording and aircraft systems monitoring, all in a single system. The ISAT-200A offers increased connectivity to ...

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GDC18 Data Converter, 429-UNS1K/L-EFIS

The GDC18 Data Converter is designed to receive GAMA 429 data from a UNS 1K Navigation Unit, modify certain of the data then transmit this modified data to a Smith Industries EFIS. All pricing subject ...

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IFR 6000

Transponder/DME Test Set 110/220v

The new IFR 6000 by Aeroflex has combined the test capabilities of the popular ATC-600A, ATC-601 and TCAS-201 and combined them into a lightweight, single test set with a test capability second to none. Features ...

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Digital keypad 25W VHF/AM base station; Model 91-DE/8.33 xcvr with mic; 25W RF amplifier; 110/220Vac power supply/charger in chassis; w/provision for TLI-203 remote line interface.

The Technisonic TBS-150/250/350 series of desk top base stations are VHF/AM aeronautical band transceivers which operate in simplex mode and allowing quick keypad access and LCD display of the selected frequency in the range of ...

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Universal Multi Function Display

The MFD-640 offers a convenient, versatile and powerful solution for retrofit and forward fit applications alike. You gain the ability to access a wealth of information including our TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System displays ...

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Universal Electronic Flight Instruments

The EFI-550 offers a 5.5-inch diagonal display for ADI and HSI applications.  For more information on this product, click on the link below:  http://www.uasc.com/products/efi550.aspx All pricing is subject to change without notice.

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Switched Receive Attenuator for use with TDFM-600/600/7000 available: 30dB

Switched Receive Attenuator for use with TDFM-600/600/7000 available: 30dB All pricing is subject to change without notice.

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